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Diaconate Ordination of Shubham Peter Bariyawal at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Prayagraj

The Diocese of Ajmer celebrates a momentous occasion today as it welcomes a new deacon, Shubham Peter Bariyawal, hailing from St. Michael's Church, Suket, Kota district. The joyous news reverberates not only within the diocese but also resonates across other dioceses as well. This significant milestone is particularly noteworthy for St. Joseph's Regional Seminary, Prayagraj, affectionately known as the Josem community, where students passionately pursue their theological formation.

diaconate ordination at St. Joseph's Cathedral, 2023
Diaconate Ordination of ten brothers

The solemn diaconate ordination of Shubham and other candidates' ceremony took place at the historic St. Joseph's Cathedral in Prayagraj. Alongside Brother Shubham, nine other candidates were ordained as deacons, symbolizing their commitment to serving the church and its faithful. The distinguished Rt. Rev. Raphy Manjaly, Archbishop of Agra, bestowed the holy sacrament, joined by esteemed concelebrants including Msgr. Louis Mascarenhas, bishop-elect of Allahabad diocese, the esteemed seminary staff, and guest priests from neighboring dioceses. Among the revered guests were Fr. Cosmos Shekhawat, the Vicar General of Ajmer diocese, and Fr. Aubert Carvalho, the former Vicar General of Ajmer diocese.

Fr Cosmos and Fr Aubert Carvalho with the deacon Shubham
Fr. Cosmos Shekhawat and Fr. Aubert Carvalho with the newly ordained deacon Shubham Peter

Following the sacred Mass, the Josem family, along with priests and revered religious figures, joyfully extended their warm congratulations and offered heartfelt felicitations to the newly ordained deacons. It was a moment of deep gratitude and reflection as the newly ordained deacons expressed their sincere appreciation to the Lord for this precious gift and offered prayers of thanksgiving during a serene adoration session.

This auspicious day marks the beginning of a new chapter for deacon Shubham and his fellow deacons as they embark on their sacred journey of service and devotion within the church and wider community. Their ordination not only brings immense joy to the Diocese of Ajmer but also serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the enduring power of faith and the profound impact of individuals dedicated to the service of God and humanity.

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