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Farewell and Congratulations to Joseph Kallarackal, Bishop of Jaipur

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The recent announcement of Fr. Joseph Kallarackal's appointment as Bishop of Jaipur has brought immense joy to the diocese of Ajmer and the faithful. In a heartfelt gesture to convey their appreciation and well wishes for his new journey, a farewell program was organized by the Diocese on July 2, 2023.

As the esteemed Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Fr. Joseph K. was honored on a Diocesan scale. A solemn Holy Mass, presided over by Bishop Pius and the Bishop-elect, Msgr. Joseph K., marked this significant occasion. During the homily, Fr. Jose Mathias drew parallels between the qualities of Caleb from the Old Testament and the attributes of Msgr. Joseph, underscoring the innate qualities bestowed upon him by divine grace.

Farewell to Bishop Joseph Kallarackal
Farewell gift to Bishop-elect Joseph Kallarackal

Following the deeply moving Mass, an elaborate felicitation ceremony unfolded at the St. Anselm's School auditorium. The event encompassed mesmerizing cultural dances, heartfelt wishes from diverse communities, a poignant message from the bishop, and the exchange of thoughtful gifts. This farewell program resonated with genuine gratitude for Bishop Joseph Kallarackal's distinguished service as the Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception Cathedral and his multifaceted contributions to the diocese. As he embarks on his new mission as the Bishop, the Ajmer diocese not only bids farewell to Joseph Kallarackal, Bishop of Jaipur, but also conveys heartfelt congratulations.

This event celebrated the achievements of Bishop Joseph Kallarackal and united the diocese in a shared expression of appreciation and hope for his future endeavors as he takes on his new role.


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